Academic Research

Debt Markets

“High-Yield Debt Covenants and Their Real Effects” (with Falk Bräuning and Ali K. Ozdagli), Working Paper

“Bank Balance Sheet Constraints and Bond Liquidity” (with J. Breckenfelder), Working Paper

“Weak Corporate Insolvency Rules: The Missing Driver of Zombie Lending” (with B. Becker), American Economics Review (Papers and Proceedings), 2022, forthcoming.

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“Disruption and Credit Markets” (with B. Becker), Journal of Finance, 2022, forthcoming

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“Bank Debt and Corporate Governance” (with V. Nair, A. Saunders, N. Massoud, and R. Stover), Review of Financial Studies, 2008 (22): 41–77

Leveraged Loan Market, and Syndication and Securitization in the Corporate Loan Market

“Weak Covenants” (with B. Vallee), Working Paper

“Covenant-Light Contracts and Creditor Coordination” (with B. Becker), Working Paper

“Securitization without Adverse Selection: The Case of CLOs” (with E. Benmelech and J. Dlugosz), Journal of Financial Economics, 2012 (106): 91–113

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Global Banks and Dollar-Denominated Credit

“Why is Dollar Debt Cheaper?” (with B. Gutiérrez and J. Salomao), Working Paper

“Monetary Policy and Global Banking” (with F. Bräuning), Journal of Finance, forthcoming

“U.S. Monetary Policy and Emerging Market Credit Cycles” (with F. Bräuning), Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming

“Dollar Funding and the Lending Behavior of Global Banks” (with D. Scharfstein and J. Stein), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2015 (130): 1241–1281

Private Equity and Alternative Investments

“No Alternatives: Pension Investments around the World, 2008 to 2017” (with J. Lerner)

“Disruption and Credit Markets (with B. Becker), Journal of Finance, 2022, forthcoming

“Pay Now or Pay Later?: The Economics and Performance of the Private Equity Partnership” (with J. Lerner), Journal of Financial Economics, 2019 (131): 61-87

“The Disintermediation of Financial Markets: Direct Investing in Private Equity” (with L. Fang and J. Lerner), Journal of Financial Economics, 2015 (116): 160–178

“Combining Banking with Private Equity Investing” (with L. Fang and J. Lerner), Review of Financial Studies, 2013 (26): 2137–2173

“The Private Equity Advantage: Leveraged Buyout Firms and Relationship Banking” (with A. Kovner), Review of Financial Studies, 2011 (24): 2462–2498

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